Sunday, October 30, 2016


If you are looking to unclutter your house of furniture and to tidy up your living room, your best option is a wall unit. A wall unit is piece of furniture with several units incorporated into it that stands against a wall. The first one was designed by the famous Austrian furniture designer Franz Schuster and built in 1921 by a German company called Erwin Behr. However, with the help of modernistic interior design, the wall unit has evolved to become an art form in many homes. Initially, it was a huge, bulky and monolithic piece of furniture in the living room of the house. But now, you can find smaller, creative versions of it in other rooms of the house. This is in part because of the new materials used to make wall units and in part because of functionality. There are now very many interesting ideas of wall units available in the market. You can build your wall unit using metal or even glass instead of the traditional wood. Wooden ones are however the most popular because they are easy to design and they blend in with any décor. Here are some creative wall unit ideas out there today.

Wall Shelves:

The concept here is a stack of shelves that are built into the wall giving off the impression of standing against the wall. The shelves can be closed or open. You can put your books on the top shelf, pictures on the next and line up the third with some glasses. The bottom one can hold the entertainment unit. This type of wall unit is functional and great for small spaces.

Series of cabinets:

As suggested, you can line up your wall with cabinets as your wall unit. This is also another good idea if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. What’s even better with this idea is that you can use delicate materials like glass for the cabinets since they are mounted higher up. In addition, they can double up as an interior décor design.


Attach some racks to your wall in the kitchen and hang your wine glasses for a chic wall unit. Instead of filling up this small space with bulky pieces, use your wall to store your glasses and make a statement at the same time. You can also use this idea for the bar in your living room. Just place a small cabinet with your liquor below the rack so that everything is handy. You can customize your rack or the wall around it for a beautiful effect. This concept is borrowed from restaurants and bars where glasses are hanged for functionality.


This is a great wall unit idea for the bathroom. It is not practical to place a wooden piece of furniture in a place where it can come into contact with water all the time. However, there are many things that need storage in the bathroom. Hooks elevate everything and can still look stylish. Arrange hooks on one wall of your bathroom and place little bags on them to store your stuff. Aside from functionality, they are a beautiful addition to the wall.

Single hanging shelves:

One room that you do not want cluttered is the bedroom. But if you have a few personal items you want in there, a single hanging shelf will make a brilliant wall unit. Place the shelf well above your head board and line it with photos, candles, a stack of your favorite CDs and a set of speakers for your music. If you want a TV in the room, place the shelf on the wall directly in front of the bed and a small chest of drawers directly below it for the TV. You will have beautiful yet functional wall unit in your bedroom.

String wall units:

This concept of wall units originated in Sweden under their string furniture company. The wall unit is made up of shelves hanging off frames. Although it may appear delicate it is not. It is a very popular alternative to the bigger heavier wall unit because of its minimalistic finish. String shelves actually won the bonnier competition the same year they were created.

The above ideas in no way disqualify the big centre piece wall unit. In fact they borrow heavily from it. For example book shelves and home theatre systems can be incorporated into the big centre piece wall unit. But they can also be put on wall shelves or on a well placed single shelf. If you do have one of those big pieces, it can add a lot of character to your home with its ruggedness and demand for attention. It can even be used to cover a flaw on the floor or on the wall. As you can see the concept of wall units has been moved to all parts of the house making it a very versatile piece of furniture. The trick however lies in finding a piece that suits whichever part of the house you would like to have one. It is also very clear that a wall unit doesn’t have to be an elaborate piece.

Now having looked at all these types of wall units, there are a few things to consider when looking to buy one. Space is big determining factor in which wall unit you will get. The less space you have the more minimalistic it should be. Also in relation to the space, make sure the wall unit is suited to the walls of the room. If it is not, you may end up with an awkward sitting wall unit in the middle of your living room. It advisable to take a picture of your wall to show at the furniture store as you shop. Next, consider the size of the wall unit itself. Even if you have a lot of space, do not buy a wall unit that will overwhelm the room and make it look crowded. Shop for one proportionate to the room you will be placing it in. Also remember you will also want to clean it. So consider cleaning a smaller piece as opposed to a huge one. Lastly think of the durability of the materials used to build it. Wood can deteriorate if not properly cared for while any glass finishing needs to be handled delicately. If you are buying an antique consider that it needs even more care because of its age. However, whether it is an antique, old school or modern, a wall unit will add character to your space while keeping it stylish and contemporary.

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